4 Winter handbag trends you need to know about

It won’t be long until we’re thinking about those shopping trips to treat our favourite people, but it’s the perfect time to invest in a new winter handbag to help you shop in style. So, check out 4 of the biggest trends in handbags this winter…

1 Leafy colours

Second hand designer handbag

As the fiery colours of autumn start to fade into the crisp shades of winter, it’s a relief to see those leafy autumn colours still going strong on handbags. The winter handbag scene is all about a gorgeous warm palette that brightens up the season.

Think tan browns, soft caramels and butterscotch tones to warm up our winter looks. If you only invest in one piece to see you through the chilly months, make sure it’s in one of the shades above.

2 Chains

Michael Kors Handbag
Whether you like them conventional, triple row or decked with gemstones, the chain straps are well and truly back. A sassy touch to any classic designer handbag, chain straps come in a style to fit every outfit and every occasion. We love the chains on this beautiful Michael Kors handbag, and they make this one a glamorous choice for the office, a lunch date or that dinner in your favourite restaurant.

3 The super tote

My Ex Wardrobe Handbags

Next up, it’s the arrival of the super tote! Remember when wearing a cute tote bag meant deciding which items you wouldn’t be able to fit in and take out with you? Well those days are over.

The super tote’s are big enough to fit everything you need (and all those things you don’t) and we love them. The perfect handbag for those of you who rely on the day to night look to see you through the week, the super tote is the designer handbag that works around the modern lifestyle.

4 The paddle

Last but not least, the classic paddle style handbag is still a form favourite. Ok, so it’s not a new addition to the fashion world, but the western style of the paddle is inspiring the biggest names in fashion.

Just practical enough to wear everyday yet still unique, the fun of choosing a paddle handbag is fining a style, pattern or design that suits you. You’ll have to choose between a cross-body, a latch or a mini, and every now and then we get a gem of a saddle to sell here at My Ex Wardrobe.

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