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Whenever I have a pair of the gorgeous Paige denim jeans come into the shop I am extremely joyful, not only do they feel luxurious and fit beautifully, but the brand has such a strong founder. Because the jeans come in second hand we are able to sell them for a much lower price than the original and allow people to enjoy and experience this beautiful brand. My favourite pair to have come in are a beautiful khaki green soft cotton denim skinny jean. We also stock quite a few of the Skyline Ankle Peg style which are a classic denim blue but with the cotton softness. I am a convert. 

Who is the woman behind these amazing jeans? 

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I recently found out myself that this wonderful brand is eponymous of their creator Paige Adams-Geller. She founded the company in 2005, however her reasons for starting the company were born from a traumatic event hidden in her past. By 2005 she had finally accepted the event and after seeing a life couch found a new lease of life to make a change. 

In her early years Paige was a top model working for large brands from the age of 14 as well as claiming the title Miss California age 16. Success was at her fingertips, however being in the modelling industry at that time things were done very differently and sadly there was a dark side. The event that shaped her teens and early adulthood resulted in an eating disorder to stay thin, alcohol abuse and no self esteem. Thankfully Paige was eventually able to stand against the dark side of the modelling industry and sought help in a facility in 1999. By the time she left...a lot healthier…. a whole new style was taking fashion by storm. Denim was everywhere and the brand now known as Seven For All Mankind was in the beginnings of being created. Jerome Dahan recruited Paige to model for his new brand which is still a successful sought after jeans brand today (which we are also lucky enough to stock).

Successful Jeans Brand Seven For All Mankind

After modelling for the denim brand it seemed like a natural progression for Paige to start her own luxury jeans brand…….and there you have it…..Paige Jeans were born! Paige has enjoyed 13 years of success and is still going strong with approximately 2000 people working for her company, as well as sitting on the board of the Rape Foundation to help guide girls who have suffered similar events to herself.

We are proud to stock such an amazing brand from such an inspirational woman, here are some we have in stock at the moment.                        

Paige Jeans

 Stylish Paige Jeans Available from our online shop

So next time you purchase and wear you designer Paige jeans you can wear them with pride knowing that this designer strives to create a safe work environment for her employees and works hard to help others while still attending eating groups herself. She went through hell and back and is now able to help others as well as making fabulous jeans.


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