Buy Sustainable Luxury Second Hand Gifts 🎁 This Christmas🎄

With only a short time to go before we are excitedly ripping open whatever gifts 🎁 our loved ones have put under the tree for us, sustainability and reducing the excess has been a main growing issue being raised this year. So in a time when excess is celebrated how can we still support sustainability?

One if the best ways to continue supporting the sustainable way of living through out the festive season is to purchase your gifts second hand.  Not only can you buy the items for much less but you can find some amazing items unworn or unused. Some really beautiful luxury designer items can also be found second hand in dress agencies like My Ex Wardrobe and for amazing prices, so not only are you saving money but you are saving the planet 🌎.

Amazing pre loved sustainable Christmas gifts by Lulu Guinness

Stunning Lulu Guinness purses make amazing sustainable gifts. Brand new Kitty Purse £40 and leather Lulu Guinness Card holder £22.

I have so far managed to find three gifts second hand from one of the local buy and sell groups totalling no more than £17, all unworn items and would have cost twice a size much new. It is Also great to support small local businesses or independent shops throughout this busy festive time. 

 Buy second hand sustainable gifts this Christmas

Support slow sustainable fashion this Christmas and buy second hand items.

We have some amazing second hand items, all designer and many never used or worn, so are perfect for sustainable gifts this Christmas. Starting with our second hand designer purses which make great stocking fillers, some have their original packing and boxes.

Amazing second hand sustainable Christmas gifts by Longchamp and Balenciaga

Stunning gifts available fully boxed including these designer purses. Red Bottega Veneta purse £120 and Longchamp blue purse £35.

For those who like to buy loved ones a bit of sparkle we also have some second hand designer jewellery, including a fully boxed Juicy Couture necklace and a limited edition Givenchy choker.

Amazing sustainable Christmas gifts by Givenchy and Juicy Couture

For a sustainable gift that sparkles ✨ you can choose one of our designer necklaces like our limited edition Givenchy choker £110 and stunning Juicy Couture necklace £65.

Another firm favourite for gifts this time of year are luxury designer  handbags 👜. It is well known that some designer bags can cost a fair bit of money, however finding a second hand version of your favourite bag or luxury bag from your favourite designer second hand will save you money but still bring your loved ones a huge smile when unwrapping from under the Christmas tree.

Stunning designer hand bags for Christmas second hand

Our stunning vintage Mulberry handbag £165 available as the perfect gift under the Christmas tree.

So which sustainable gifts will you pick for your loved ones? You can see all our gift options on our website as well as other beautiful ore loved designer items to add to your wardrobe.

Jenna x

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