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This week we have been able to look forward and focus on popular trends.  There have been wintery blues, Warm winter berry shades and pretty pink as well as all that sparkles.  One of the main trends and how to style it has been using the A Line skirt matched with a sexy blouse or shirt.  We have a few different second hand items that we were able to use as examples of how to wear this trend, and all of the items are second hand which is even better for a sustainable future.  We will discuss the break down of each of the looks I focused on throughout the week, so choose your favourite.

buy the latest trends second hand now

Prada beige A line skirt size 10 £75, Inwear shirt size 8 £38, Chloe bronze Betty bag £365, Burberry block heel shoes size 6 £220.

The first OOTD this week was focused on one of the popular trends this season, the A-Line skirt.  This is one of my favourite outfits this week and one I knew we could easily re-create using our second hand clothing available.  Remember all these looks can be achieved at a much lower price when you purchase the items second hand.  We started with the main item, the A-Line skirt by luxury brand Prada and built the outfit around that coinciding with the advice of how to style with Vogue Magazine.  Just add a stylish shirt like our Inwear white shirt and sexy school style block heels similar to our Burberry heels, and a bag of your choice. We chose to complete the outfit with a shimmery bronze bag by Chloe.

Buy this season trends second hand now

Tommy Hilfiger A-Line skirt size 8 £55, D&G Shirt Size 10 £72, Sergio Rossi block heels Size 5 £85, Chloe Betty bag £365.

I realised I had more than one second hand outfit to offer for the A-Line skirt trend, so I obviously had to share them as other options for this style.  Another neutral A-Line skirt by Tommy Hilfiger to start the outfit and added a D&G white ruffle shirt. I completed the outfit with more stylish block heels by Sergio Rossi and completed again with the shimmery Chloe Betty bag which lifts the neutral colours beautifully.

Buy this seasons trends second hand

 Agnes B A-Line skirt size 8 £45, Diego Reiga white shirt size 8 £55, Nicole Farhi green wedge heels size 5 £135, coach cream bag £85, Juicy Couture Necklace £65.

Our third and final options for the A-Line skirt we have in stock is this beautiful Agnes B green cotton skirt. It matches perfectly with our Nicole Farhi green wedges, and just add a stylish shirt like our Diego Reiga item for the full look.  To add some details use gold jewelry similar to our Juicy Couture necklace which is also a really popular addition this season and a neutral or matching bag like our Coach across the body bag.

Buy this seasons trends second hand now

Out of Xile dress size 12-14 £85, Lacoste Polo Tshirt size 8 £38, AG jeans Size 8 £85, Paul Smith shirt size12 £45, Whistes top size 14 £32, Noa Noa dress size 8 £65, Juicy Couture Bracelet £20, Armani top size 8 £18, Jimmy Choo Sandals size 4.5 £165.

The second part of the week I focused on the other colour trends around at the moment. Pink is my favourite colour and I love wearing it especially at the moment to give a bit of cheer during Covid 19.  Warm berry tones and pretty pink is the way to go at the start of this season. We featured all our pink items to help you compile your own looks. You can go head to toe pink or berry in one of our dresses and add a denim jacket or just add a simple pink top or pair of sandals to jeans or trousers for a subtle pink splash.  All the items featured in this post are also all available on our website.

Buy this seasons trends second hand now

Givenchy Choker £110, Ralph Lauren leather shirt size 10-12 £85, Juicy Couture Necklace £65, Mulberry silver heels size 6 £120, jimmy Choo Bello gold wedges size 6 £220, Chloe Betty bag £365, Manolo Blahnik gold sandals size 3 £85, 9ct White Gold Topaz ring size N £120.

 A Style carried forward from New Year we have the second trend I focused on this week. Wear eye-catching shimmery pieces to add a bit of glamour. We have lots of silver and gold items to add to all outfits.  The festive season may be over but with all the lockdowns and Covid a bit of sparkle can add a smile to your face. You can go subtle and just add a sparkly shoe like our Jimmy choo wedges or Mulberry cracked leather sliver heels, to some jeans or smart trousers. Or you can build up your outfit and add some gold or silver jewellery and bags for ultra sparkle.

buy this seasons trends second hand now

Longchamp Purse £35, Juicy Couture blue bracelet £20, Michael Kors dress size 8-12 £55, Jimmy Choo sandals size 8.5 £155, Ralph Lauren bag £20, Tommy Hilfiger top size 10-12 £25, Lacoste Polo tshirt size 6 £38, Lacoste pale blue Polo t shirt size 8-10 £38, 9ct White Gold Topaz ring size N £120.

Our final focus for this week's trends are the winter blues. While it is cold and icy outside with many places under snow, bring those wintery blues inside to the warm. You can add various colours of blue to all outfits, even just a simple Topaz ring gives that icicle winter look, but you are still snuggled inside. 

Which looks will you use this season.  There are so many to choose from and loads more coming up over the next week. Whether you go all out or just add one item from each trend, try to buy second hand as you will be able to find some amazing designer bargains.  If you like any of the items you have seen here you can take a look at our pre loved designer website




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