Buy Your Winter Fashion Trends Second Hand

Support the slow sustainable fashion movement by purchasing all of this season’s key styles second hand!

Now we are well on the way through the Autumn/Winter season 2018-2019 I hear your paydays until Christmas - so how will you afford all these wonderful seasonal trends without breaking the bank?

Easy- you can buy all this season’s trends second hand, which makes the spend much more affordable and yet you will still have that stylish flare.  We are a one stop shop for all different styles and trends so here, we have a breakdown of this season’s most key trends and our selection of items you can purchase at affordable second hand prices.

This season is the season for fashion throwbacks.  We have the modern takes on styles from the 70’s, 80’s and rumour has it the popular 90’s Dior Saddle bag is also returning, so if you have one of these stashed in your wardrobe now is an excellent time to sell this bag with us.

The loud colourful, sequins of the 80’s are making a comeback as well as the large shoulder pads and can arguably be seen as the boldest decade - think ‘High Octane’ fashion.  We have some beautiful classic 80’s pieces with the bold shoulders including both of these stunning jackets…..

Second hand designer clothes

 A Gavin Brown suede Original straight from the 80’s (Size M.)

Match this with some brightly coloured sequins and glitter and you are on track.  If you want to wear the more subtle 80’s look you can go for the classic monochrome black & white.  We have some stunning simple and elegant black and white items to add to your wardrobe this season.

Second hand designer dress

   Flattering monochrome dress by Madeleine (Size 14)                              

Natural earthy colours of the 70’s era is another key trend and colour palette of the A/W season. Adding a chunky gold colour chain or necklace is a great way to modernise this nostalgic look. This is about wearing camel colours, chocolate and beige, and accessorising with snakeskin bags in these colours with chunky metal gold straps.

My favourite trend and one that reoccurs year on year is animal print, JUNGLE FEVER IS BACK!

D and G dress

Sexy and stunning brand new D&G dress (Size 8) 

Every year animal prints return for the season, zebra print especially is becoming more and more popular and is a personal favourite of mine.  Any animal print will do this season whether it it head to toe or just a splash with a subtle belt or handbag.  We are lucky enough to have some amazing second hand affordable designer items in sexy animal print to make sure your wardrobe is ready for the autumn/winter season.

I hope our break down of this season's top trends has helped you discover which one you will fall for.  Remember to buy your trends second hand as the prices will be much more affordable, you might even be able to treat yourself to items in all of the trends. Enjoy the A/W edit and browse our stunning second hand selection for all seasons at amazing prices.

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