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Clothing waste on landfill

My Ex Wardrobe being a preloved second hand dress agency has never been so current. We are over the moon that sustainable fashion has now become the subject at the forefront of everyone’s minds. People are re thinking before purchasing or throwing away, can it be reused, can it be reworked or re styled? Even new up and coming designers are on the bandwagon and scouring vintage stores, old warehouses and charity shops to find those scraps of interesting fabrics or patterns that they can re work and re purpose together to make something new. I also read recently that one designer sewed together loads of old Hermes scarves to make a luxury quilt.

Pre Owned Jigsaw Wool Coat Pre Owned Designer Chanel Jeans

Buy our pre owned stunning Jigsaw wool coat for only £85 and our stylish second hand Chanel jeans for an affordable £150 only.

This is a fantastic new way to design as these fabric off cuts and damaged items will just end up on landfill. By purchasing from these designers and from second hand shops like My Ex Wardrobe you are helping these fabrics and beautiful items not end up being wasted and in turn helping the environment, stopping them from being hastily discarded. I think it is a fantastic way to think and has been in the background for a long while, with up cycling, selling on eBay or local Facebook book buy and sell groups but now it has become a global phenomenon so long may it continue. 

Second Hand Designer Burberry Sandals


But our amazing pre owned Burberry Heels size 5 only £175 completely brand new. 

It is well known that there is a huge over consumption issue within the fashion industry sometimes with 30 or 40 m bolts of fabric going to waste and being discarded for rubbish. Seeing this wasteful attitude has inspired young designers and in turn consumers of fashion to really take stock and think about the waste. There was a huge uproar in 2017 when it came to light that Burberry burnt £28 million worth of unsold stock instead of donating or re using. This brand is now thankfully re thinking their mindset for a more eco friendly solution. We have some beautiful Burberry items here in the store which we are very pleased have been sent for resale and to find a new home rather than being discarded.

Stunning Pre Owned Burberry Shirt 

Buy our stunning silk Burberry Prorsum shirt size 14 now from our website.

So follow the links and you can support our sustainable fashion movement by purchasing them with us as well as many other high end luxury brands. 

Jenna x


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