Give it up for lent - 1 item a day for pre-loved selling 🛍

I saw a fantastic inspirational quote on Facebook recently for lent. Instead of giving up chocolate or food for lent, choose 1 item per day to be put into charity collection or to be sold in a dress agency like My Ex Wardrobe for preloved sale. 

Choose your items to sell second hand

 This is is a fab way to declutter slowly so it is not too overwhelming and before you know it you have chosen 40 items from your wardrobe or house in general that can be past into pastures new.  For your pre-loved sale pile, the larger you make it the more money you can make in return.  Some items may not be suitable but also donating to a good cause is a very satisfying way to declutter.

De clutter your items for pre loved selling 

So what will your first item be?

Mine has been a floral dress I wore to a wedding that I purchased second hand myself, and I can now pass it on knowing it will be re used and worn again which really helps the sustainable fashion movement that is ever growing.

Remember just pick one item per day and put aside and by the end of lent you will have decluttered 40 reusable items ready for their new homes.👗👚🧥👠

To sell items that you have collected over the 40 days with us click here and we can arrange an appointment to view your items for sale.

Let me know how you all get on 😀

Jenna x 

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