How To Sell With Us Part 2-Sell your pre owned designer items with us!🛍

Part Two

So here we have part two of How To Sell With Us, following on from our last blog post.  If you missed our first one in the How To Sell With Us series you can find Part One Here.

We ended the last post explaining what happens in the lead up to booking your appointment.  Once we have had all the items information for selling we then confirm a day and a time for you to bring them in. 

Sell your pre loved designer items with us now

This is your appointment so you can ask any questions. Some people like to take time going through and pricing the items there and then, but others like to just drop off and leave me to price.  I always have my sellers sign a contract with the shops terms and email a signed copy over to each seller.

 As soon as I have had a look through all the items (which is definitely my favourite part) and feels just like Christmas, I confirm which ones I can sell and which items are sadly not suitable. Any damaged items or items that have not been washed or cleaned along with unsuitable brands and items will be returned at the time of the appointment.

TIP NUMBER 4 - Make sure all items are in good condition, dry cleaned, washed and with no holes or major missing parts and take note of the brands desirable for the dress agency.

From that moment onwards I work really closely with all the items steaming the clothing, polishing the shoes or jewellery and stuffing the bags ready for display.  If any items need some TLC I organise this if it is something quick and easy to remedy like a quick buffer of a leather bag or wiping a pair of shoes so they are in top condition for selling. 

Sell your pre loved designer items with us

Each item then gets listed with a specific code specific to the seller and an itemised list with suggested prices. I always include a lower price for when I start my sales or for any negotiations as if people buy more than one item they quite often like a small discount or a regular returning customer. This is where I also include if my seller has asked to receive no less than a certain amount.

TIP NUMBER 5 - Be prepared to be flexible with pricing as this will help with the sale and make sure the items more desirable and easy to sell.

The last job I do before preparation for sale is complete is to photograph and upload all the items to the shop website where you can find all of my latest arrivals. These then get added to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so a lot of social media work for each item as well with direct links to the website for purchases.

Buy pre loved designer items from our website

Then all there is left to do is wait for sales and all the be made from you Luxury or loved items.  Part Three will focus on what happens when the items sell so keep an eye out for the next instalment coming soon.

Jenna x 

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