How To Sell With Us Part 3 - Making Your Money 💰

Welcome to the third and final instalment of our How To Sell With Us series.  If you missed our First and Second instalments you can read them here. Part One here and Part Two here.

This last blog post for the series details the final part of selling with us and in my opinion the best bit, receiving money for your pre loved item’s sales! 

Make money selling your preowned designer items

Once the items have been for sale in the shop, on the website and all social media there is a high chance they will have sold after a couple of weeks depending on the item.  Some of the more luxury items can take a bit longer as they are a higher price so my customers sometimes need to save up or have a think before purchasing.

Sell your preloved items with us

Once an item or a few items have sold I will normally contact you ready for payment which I organise either in cash, direct bank transfer or Paypal payment. For the cash 💴 Payments I always ask people to count the money in their envelope and then sign to say that amount has been received.   For online and bank transfers they have an electronic confirmation quite often via email or through a bank statement.

Once the items have sold you can then enjoy spending your earnings on something new for yourself, or like many of my customers they find something in the shop to buy with it wether it’s a designer Prada handbag  or a new pair of shoes 👠 knowing they have ‘money in the kitty’ to spend In the shop if they wish is very exciting and a nice insentive to treat themselves.  This is not only economical but a fantastic way to shop with the sustainable fashion movement.

Buy preloved  Designer items from us

So that is the process from start to finish with how To Sell your preloved items with us, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form and we will happily help.

Jenna  x


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