How To Sell With Us - Sell your preowned designer items now!

Part One

Many people ask me on a daily basis how my process works and how to go about selling their high quality second hand items. This is the in depth 101 of my process from start to finish to help all my wonderful clients and soon to be sellers to understand the selling preloved process.

One of the first things my lovely sellers normally say to me is that they have some luxury items that are too good to be passed to charity so would like to try to re sell them first to recoup some of the money back for the items, especially if they have been unworn or unused.

Our fully boxed designer items to buy now

One of our fully boxed items with original receipt Yves Saint Laurent pink mini bag only £145

 These are the perfect items for My Ex Wardrobe as new with tags or unworn shoes always hold a higher value. It also helps if the items have their original boxes, dust bags or receipts as people can then see how much the item originally cost for a comparison to the second hand price I will be selling the items for. 

TIP NUMBER 1- Bring items in with original labels, boxes, receipts and dust bags if you can find them.

If you don’t have these available that is not a problem but always helps with a sale.

The first thing I ask people to do if they are interested in selling their second hand designer items with us is to email me via with a list of items they wish to sell including the brand, size, material and colour of the item so I can place them in the correct season. This is to ensure the items have the maximum sales opportunity so not selling a faux fur coat in the height if summer or little floaty dresses in the freezing cold winter. The season is always an important factor to consider when compiling your items to sell.

Second hand clothing for all four seasons

TIP NUMBER 2- Make sure the items you want to sell are appropriate for the season.

Listing the items also helps me determine how much stock to expect and which brands you have. I concentrate here at My Ex Wardrobe on the more luxury designer brands or high end high street so this helps me make sure items listed meet the criteria. Some brands perform much better than others so some I look out for all year round so if you have any of these to sell you are onto a winner!


Louis Vuitton items to sell

Louis Vuitton is one of our best selling brands particularly the handbags.

Louis Vuitton handbags sell particularly well all year round so I am always looking for these, as well as Chanel sunglasses. I find the brands that are really quirky and colourful always do very well too so Desigual the Spanish brand, Save The Queen and Olivier Philips.

Once I have your list I then confirm the items I am able to sell and we arrange an appointment for the items to be bought into the shop for me to look through. I quite often get asked about how I price things. I always ask first if the seller wants a certain amount back for the items which I will try to receive, although most are happy to let me price. From experience and knowledge of the second hand market I am able to value the items and work out a price and a lower option in case of negotiations or offers I start online. I will quite often offer 15% off re visiting customers or 10% for new customers as well as regular sales at the end of each season.

TIP NUMBER 3- Have a think if you want to try and obtain a minimum amount for any of the items you are selling and let me know.

I will be adding part two of How To Sell With Us so you can know what happens once we have booked you for your appointments and I have your beautiful pre owned items to sell.

Use our Contact Us form to enquiry about selling your designer items.

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