How Will You Style Out Your Brexit Blues? ūüĎó

This year has been full of depressing headlines on and on about Brexit, and I think whether you support the Bol#&#&s To Brexit campaign or are pro leave it has certainly got the whole country on a downer.

Style away your Brexit blues and buy second hand

How will you deal with your Brexit blues? Some people have turned into more frugal shoppers only buying what Is needed, alternatively some preferring to cheer themselves up from this Brexit gloom with more extravagant purchases.  I have fallen into the latter category adding quite a number of colourful shoes to my collection already this year.  If you would like to do the same, here are a few of our options we have available at the moment.

 Buy our pre owned Jimmy Choo shoes now

We have these stunning bright colourful Jimmy Choo shoes available.  Pale turquoise blue sandals size 8.5 for £155. Lime green peep toes wedges size 5.5 for £220.

The great news is that regardless of which category you fall into dress agencies like My Ex Wardrobe and second hand websites provide a happy medium.  If you have become a more frugal shopper since Brexit, dress agencies and second hand shops are fantastic for still allowing yourself a treat but a lot more affordable.  Frugal shoppers have become a lot more restrained not only thinking of cost but buying with longevity in mind, so a quality second hand item with a designer label helps tick both boxes.  This way of shopping will also resonate with the sustainable fashion shoppers who have taken the country by storm as this year has progressed. So if you need a sensible black pair of shoes that will last or a classic jacket to go with all and is timeless  here are some of our wardrobe staples for even frugal shoppers to enjoy.

 Buy our pre owned designer items now

We have a classic Michael Kors bag for just £95, also a black Russell & Bromley bag for £145 and a classic black pair of peep toes by Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley size 4.5 £75.

If like myself you have been splashing out on special purchases to cheer yourself up from the gloom, do not fear as dress agencies work equally as well for the more extravagant shoppers.  You will be able to purchase more designer items but much much cheaper because they are of course preloved but you still get the quality and luxury of them being a Dior or Galliano for example.  Instead of paying well over £100 for this stylish sunshine yellow Paul Smith cardigan, you can purchase it second hand for only £65.  This is just one of the examples of how you can still treat yourself but for a lot less money.

Buy our affordable pre loved Paul Smith items now

Paul Smith sunshine yellow cardigan size 12 £65 and funky Paul Smith floral flares size 10 £85.

Many people have been channeling their Brexit grief into their clothing and choosing to wear black to express their feelings of depression.  Some however are reaching for that outrageous orange and pink dress or ultra colourful patterns to help bring joy to an otherwise bleak time in the U.K. If like myself you love adding a splash of colour to put a smile on your face here are some items we have in store at the moment to help add that squeal of delight each morning.

 Buy our colourful Beth Ditto Lipstick Traces range second hand now

Bright and colourful Beth Ditto items from her Lipstick Traces range. Skirt size 26 £65, Dress size 28 £85 and Top size 20-26 £55.

Whether you want to stand out in your bright colour style to block out your Brexit depression, or hide in more classic black, make sure you treat yourself either way and a add a bit of joy to your wardrobe.  Concentrate on making your private world happy and positive.

Jenna x

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