Your designer dress could make you money...

We all have that one dress in our wardrobe that we’ve only worn the once. You know, that gorgeous designer dress that we absolutely HAD to have for our work Christmas party that time, that ended up turning so many heads and getting so much Instagram coverage that now we can’t actually wear it again. Just think how many nearly new dresses are hanging in wardrobes across the nation right now, just wishing for another chance to shine…

We sell designer dresses

My Ex Wardrobe sell designer dresses online and in their Exeter store, so you We sell designer dressescan finally make some money on those ‘only worn once’ items that you don’t know what to do with.

We don’t like to use the ‘C’ word so early in the year, but it won’t be long before fashion lovers are hunting for those big labels for less, ready for the most sociable of seasons, so now’s the time to dig out those designer dresses that deserve another chance to sparkle.

Whether it’s that cocktail dress that doesn’t quite fit, the glitzy little number from THAT Christmas party, or the little black dress that you just fell out of love with, My Ex Wardrobe specialise in selling designer dresses and accessories.

If your unwanted dress is designer or from a high street brand, you can send photos and details (including the brand and size) to My Ex Wardrobe’s Jenna and she’ll be able to tell you if it’s got potential.We sell designer shoes and dressesWe sell pre-loved dresses, designer clothes and accessories, and it’s a great time to make way for some new buys and make some extra money at the same time.

We know that every ex-favourite dress has an ex-favourite pair of designer shoes, and you can’t part with one without the other, right?

Fear not, My Ex Wardrobe also sell designer shoes and accessories. Jenna will be able to assess your items quickly, using her expert knowledge to tell if she thinks they’ll sell.

So, all you need to do is choose what it’s time you cleared out and send us some pics. Just drop us an email at or visit our contact us page, and you could soon be earning money from those clothes you used to love.  

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