Make money from selling your designer clothes

Sell designer clothes

Well, we’re creeping towards November and that means it’s nearly time to think about Christmas shopping. If your piggy bank could do with a boost before you start making your shopping lists this year, there’s a great way to make money from selling second hand designer clothes.

Here at My Ex Wardrobe, we specialise in selling designer clothes to fashion lovers, and for every item we sell, you’ll make money too. Not only do we sell online, but we have a popular boutique in the city of Exeter, and it’ll soon be bustling with bargain-hunting designer divas looking for pre-Christmas purchases. There’s still time to get you former faves onto the shelves ready for the busiest period…

Sell designer items

If you’re ready to sell designer items you no longer wear, all you need to do is pick out the pieces you’re ready to part with. We sell second hand designer clothes, shoes, handbags and other accessories. There’s a huge appetite for pre-loved designer clothing, and we love helping fashionistas to make money from their old faves.

Just think, that gorgeous designer handbag you just don’t use anymore could be somebody else’s Christmas present to a special someone, you old prom dress might just make another girl’s day, and those killer heels you used to wear on dates before you got married could be someone else’s fairytale.

Sell second hand designer clothes

There’s something about giving the perfect gift that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, and if you sell second hand designer clothes with us you could have a little more money to buy those special presents this year. It’s the ideal time of year to get some tunes on, open a bottle of wine and spend an evening digging through your wardrobe, and if you put a pile aside for My Ex Wardrobe you could well make extra money to see you through the tightest of months.

All you need to do is photograph the items you wish to sell, and email them to us via our Contact page. Make sure you include the brand and size for each item, and our lovely Jenna will go through them to check which she think will fly off the shelves. If we think there’s a better season to sell a piece, we’ll let you know.

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