Post Covid-19 Summer Style 2: The Prairie Blouse

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Our next Summer style links in with our previous blog ‘POST COVID-19 SUMMER STYLE 1: THE WHITE MIX’ and you can add one or two of these items to achieve both styles. Of course we encourage the items to be purchased second hand or preloved to support the sustainable fashion movement.

Our second style post Covid-19 is the classic white Prairie blouse. This can be worn with absolutely anything, whether you want to go full cowgirl and wear cowboy boots and tassels, or just adding the shirt to a simple pair of jeans or shorts.  You can also add the prairie shirt to glam up a simple skirt with its ruffles will add an extra romantic feel to the outfit. Here are some of our preloved outfits suggestions if you love the Prairie blouse look.


Buy Our Pre Loved Prairie Style Blouse Second Hand

Starting with our first  prairie blouse from D&G Size 10 £72, matched with a stylish sexy Dolce & Gabbana denim mini skirt size 6-8 £65. Finish the outfit with our Sergio Rossi tan wedges size 4.5 £85

Our first preloved prairie style shirt is by luxury designer Dolce & Gabbana’s D&G range. A lightweight shirt like this would look great with a little skirt. We have a few options including another Dolce & Gabbana piece in a denim mini skirt. Match these with tan wedges and you have outfit number one.

Buy our pre loved summer  prairie style outfits second hand

One option for our second prairie style outfit is this Diego Reiga white shirt  Size 8 £55 matched with a tailored pair of Turnover shorts size 8 £35. Complete this stylish outfit with our Ferre wedges size 4 £85.

For a more tailored look we have a stunning Diego Reiga prairie style shirt with embellished collar. This is a slightly more glamorous version of a prairie style shirt and can be dressed down with one of our pairs of pre-loved blue jeans or kept tailored with our Turnover shorts. Add some heels and voila the perfect second outfit for either work or smart social engagement.

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For a more casual look with our Diego Reiga white shirt size 8 £55 add our Mos Mosh jeans size 10-12 £55 and add a pair of our second hand Dior black heels size 4 (brand new).

If you love the whole prairie bohemian theme you can wear it head to toe with a stunning dress or match your prairie blouse with a voluminous gypsy skirt.  We have a really stylish Noa Noa dress perfect for this season, and can be worn to different events either dressed up or dressed down.

Buy our pre loved Noa Noa gypsy dress Now

A stylish all in one option for the gypsy prairie style this summer season is this Noa Noa Lilac dress size 8 £65.

If you have fallen in love with any of the items or outfits you can take a look at our website at or click on our links throughout the blog.

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