Say yes to second hand designer clothes

Second hand designer shoes

On every Christmas shopping list there are one or two people who have made the year complete. The friends who have been there listening to our bad day stories, the mums who always manage to make things seem that little bit better…so why not treat them with something special this year?

We love making designer clothes accessible to everyone here at My Ex Wardrobe, and Christmas is the perfect time of year to treat those people who have made the year sparkle. Better still, you can enjoy even lower prices this weekend with our Black Friday sale!

Second hand designer clothes

We sell second hand designer clothes, so you can choose from a wide range of dresses, bags, clothes and shoes for far less than you’d pay for them new. We only sell high quality items that still have years of wear in them, so they make gorgeous gifts for the extra special women in your life.

We’re always happy to answer any questions about a particular item before you buy, and Jenna knows everything there is to know about the designer clothing we sell at clever second hand prices.

Pick the perfect present at My Ex Wardrobe

If you love fashion, part of the fun is in choosing the prefect present from our selection. We stock a wide range of styles, colours and sizes – so there’s something for everyone. We also sell second hand designer clothes for every season online and in our Exeter store, so if your special someone is planning a summer holiday for 2019 or has a big event on the horizon, picking a statement piece is a thoughtful way to make it extra exciting for them.

Our Black Friday sale is a great way to get some of those Christmas gifts ticked off the list at even lower prices, and our Black Friday deals mean your cash will go even further. Far be it from us to say how you may like to spend the money you save…but we reckon you should treat yourself to a little something while you’re here!

You’ll find everything from designer shoes, handbags, accessories and clothing to make you feel a million dollars, and you’ll be able to step into 2019 in true (designer style). Happy shopping!

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