Second Hand September 2020

Welcome to Second hand September. 

Supposed second hand September

This is the month that everyone can decide to challenge themselves to only purchase second hand items. Owning a second hand shop for luxury designer items, I am of course all in.

I generally buy items second hand if I can with the majority of my purchases every month being preloved. I use a variety of different purchase platforms including Ebay, other dress agencies I follow on Instagram, local Facebook buy and sell groups and of course my own shop. I do have to be careful in my own shop as I tend to fall in love with everything, so I have to force myself to be choosey. 

Buy all you items second hand this month

Most of my partners birthday gifts were purchased second hand, not only making a huge saving but all in good condition.

It was recently my partners birthday at the end of August and I managed to purchase approximately 85 percent of his presents all second hand. The only items not second hand were bags of different flavoured coffee beans.  On our local buy and sell groups I managed to find some preloved men’s shorts, 4 pairs in as new condition as well as some jeans. Using EBay I found some stunning Allsaints t-shirts in a style he likes and on a book swap Facebook site I grabbed many of his favourite author’s books all second hand. He was one very lucky birthday boy!  

Buy clothing gifts second hand
A stylish Allsaints T-Shirt purchased from Ebay second hand, was definitely a favourite.

Not only were these items almost as new, they were also such a great deal. Finding 4 pairs of as new jeans for £20 is an amazing bargain which is why I love buying second hand. All his presents combined could have cost the equivalent of just one or two gifts brand new.

Buy all your gifts second hand
One of the pairs of shorts purchased second hand on my local Facebook buy and sell group.

I have also managed to find some amazing  second hand bargains for myself over the years, as even when I was a little girl my parents would encourage me to trawl through charity shops or enjoy people's hand me downs. Most recently while away in Bath I found a fabulous Cable and Gauge black and white pinstripe top perfect for my work wardrobe. I have also found beautiful furniture second hand, my favourite being a huge dining room dresser for under £200 which I had been on the hunt for, for a long while. Also I found a hall side table from a reclamation shop which I love and sits proudly in my entrance way. 

Buy your clothing second hand

 This is my most recent second hand purchase from a charity shop on my recent trip To Bath. A stylish Cable & Gauge pinstripe top.

Over the next few weeks I will share my favourite purchase at home and in the shop, as you can buy mainly secondhand items that fit perfectly into all aspects of your life.  This gives these items a new lease of life as many that are discarded still have a lot of years left in them for wear or use. If you have had any amazing second hand purchases, let us know and share your joy with us.

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