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Sometimes, we have some beautiful vintage items brought in to us here at My Ex Wardrobe that are in exceptional condition considering their age. This means we are able sell these valuable vintage designer items as well as the more modern pieces.  As quoted in Vogue magazine earlier this year ‘fashion is enjoying something of an obsession with the past, getting your hands on designer treasures has never been so desirable.’ 

This Gavin Brown Suede jacket M is in mint condition and purchased almost 20 years ago from the Clothes Show Live, and is one of Gavin Brown’s originals.

They are absolutely right, as the years have progressed, more and more of us have adopted the eco-friendly approach to life (not just fashion), and it’s firmly at the front of people’s minds. Everyone is happy to re-use, re purpose or mend and find those older vintage classics.

I find with the older designer vintage items that the quality is always 110% which is why the garment has usually lasted so long. This is a testament to Slow fashion, which is the exact opposite to our quick trend of buying cheap clothing that lasts one season. 

I have had a Prada bag passed down from a grandmother in almost new condition or an eighties Yves Saint Laurent jacket (which is still available to purchase) in mint condition - shoulder pads and all - along with many other beautiful items that have lasted the test of time.

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent jacket size L wide shoulders with classic 80’s shoulder pads.

Chanel is one of the best investments you can make, the bags in particular hold their value for decades.  Even a damaged, stained and used one can still sell for a few hundred pounds but the good condition ones can fetch over a thousand.  We currently have a stunning red vintage Chanel for sale on the following link.

Stunning soft buttery leather Chanel bag with dust bag in excellent condition. Use our service to buy this amazing item in affordable payments.

Burberry is another brand that holds its value. The classic beige Burberry Mac is a timeless classic and still extremely sought after. The loose fitting style is still popular even though the styles have modernised.  Whenever I get these macs in they fly out of the doors almost immediately, with ladies sometimes buying 3 or 4 in one go if I have them in stock!  We have recently sold a stunning mint condition Burberry handbag from the early 80’s, and again, the bags still hold their value.

Hermes is also another brand again whose bags seem to hold their high end prices - with some still selling second hand for £7000 upwards.  If you have any authenticated Hermes items you would like to sell click here to let us know. 

In the same Vogue article it states that ‘...sustainability currently at the forefront of industry conversation, getting unworn items into the hands of new owners is one aspect of a much larger shift.’

So there’s never been a better time to find those vintage gems hidden in second hand shops, dress agencies and vintage stores. They are amazing investment pieces for the future and also look amazing. If you would like to start your collection of vintage designer items we have a variety available on our website and in store so here are our current vintage beauties…

...or if you have some hidden away in your cupboard that you would like to part with and make mega bucks contact us.  

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