Sell your second hand designer clothes

Well, the London Fashion Week Festival's in full swing and fashion lovers everywhere are eagerly eyeing those new looks. We love this time of year when the world gets excited about designer fashion all over again and fresh inspiration hits the catwalks, but there’s that one dilemma that niggles at every fashionista…how do we sell second hand designer clothes? Ok, so we’re ready to make a little space and welcome some new pieces, but just what do we do with our old faithfuls?

Need help selling second hand designer clothes?

We all have those leather jackets, designer jeans and leather boots that have seen us through so many memories they feel like part of us, and it’s forgivable Selling your designer clothesthat bagging them up for the charity shop or giving them away just doesn’t feel quite right. When it comes to our clothes, there are certain items that need something a little bit more special for their next chapter.

So, My Ex Wardrobe specialise in selling second hand designer clothes, so you can make money from the clothes you’ve loved – hurray! And just think, some lucky shopper will get to love your former favourites for years to come!

It’s easy too. All you have to do is have a good old sort through your cupboards and work out what you can bear to part with (just think of all those gorgeous new looks we’re seeing in Fashion Week…!) and send photos over to Jenna at My ExWe sell second hand designer clothes  Wardrobe. There’s nothing this woman doesn’t know about selling second hand designer clothes, and she even has a beautiful boutique in trendy Exeter filled with pre-loved designer togs.

Get in touch 

If you use the contact us page to get in touch, Jenna will carefully check your clothing, shoes and accessories before deciding which items she thinks will sell. Then she’ll be in touch to arrange for you to drop them into the store or send them in.

My Ex Wardrobe sell pre-loved designer clothing online and in-store. So, you’ll be able to make money from the clothes you don’t see in your future, and put it towards those fresh, new looks you’ve been dreaming about!

Whether you’ve been thinking about some new boots to stomp your way through autumn, or treating yourself to that jacket that hangs just how you like it…you can enjoy a guilt-free new look when you earn money from yester-you!

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