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Designer clothes and accessories

It’s starting to feel suspiciously like autumn again, and that means it’s time to rethink our wardrobes. It won’t be long before we’re grudgingly folding the maxi dresses and packing those summer shoes away to make way for our winter looks.

The changing seasons are a great opportunity to make space in your cupboards and clear out unwanted outfits and accessories.  Better still, you can make some extra money by selling designer clothes and accessories you no longer wear – turning those trusty old faves into money.

It’s all about selling designer clothes

My Ex Wardrobe specialise in selling designer clothes, so you can make moneSelling designer clothesy from the clothes and accessories that you no longer wear. All you need to do is email Jenna photos of your unwanted items (including the brand and size).

Jenna will cast her expert eye over them to check which ones will be great in the shop and online, and then you can arrange to send (or bring) your items in.

The My Ex Wardrobe shop sits in the heart of beautiful Exeter, so if your designer or high street brand items are showcased in-store they’ll be right under the noses of hordes of fashion-savvy shoppers.

We sell quality items by big name brands

There’s never been a better time to sell designer clothes through My Ex We sell designer clothes and accessoriesWardrobe’s beautiful boutique or online store. Shoppers are savvier than ever when it comes to parting with their money, but fashion lovers are reluctant to compromise on the labels they love.

And that’s where we come in…we’re gaining a loyal following of big-name-loving bargain hunters, and we’re always on the lookout for quality, pre-loved clothes by designer brands. We sell designer items online, taking the hassle out of making money from the clothes and accessories that have done you proud.

Get in touch

Jenna’s an expert at what she does, and she’ll be able to tell you if your items are right on trend or if they’ll be sold more easily at a later date. My Ex Wardrobe is all about selling high quality items to new owners, and helping you make money (and space!).

If you have unwanted designer clothes or accessories that you think we may be able to sell, email Jenna on or contact us to get the ball rolling. There’s something satisfying about making extra money from the outfits that have been taking up room in your wardrobe, and you’ll have extra funds to put towards your new outfits!

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