Selling designer items with My Ex Wardrobe

Often one of the first things I hear when people approach me to sell their items is, ‘I am not sure if I am ready to sell this item’. Over the years since taking over My Ex Wardrobe Dress agency in Exeter I have come to realise and truly understand the emotional value that can be connected to clothes, shoes or bags.

Selling your designer clothesI have learnt from my wonderful sellers how difficult some find it to part with and sell a particular item or items. It could be a hand bag which took years to save up for, a coat that is so beautiful but doesn't quite fit anymore and has been worshipped in the wardrobe or a dress worn to see someone famous performing. 

All these items hołd special memories and have emotional ties wrapped around my sellers hearts and are very hard to sell even through a trusted selling service like My Ex Wardrobe.

So when is the right time to let go of these beautiful and special items?

The answer I have deduced from my experience working selling these pre owned items is, there is no set time to sell!  It has to feel right for you. Sometimes when I am collecting items or discussing prices it becomes clear that the seller is not quite ready to part with certain things.  I am quite often told the wonderful stories behind the items and in these small discussions it soon becomes clear whether the seller is ready to part with and sell a particular item or not. 

 If I can see they are really not ready, which usually results in the items being retried on by them, or a longing look or stroke, I give a little reassurance that is ok to keep the item until they are ready if ever to part with it.  I have the responsibility looking after and re homing the items to make sure the chord is well and truly ready to be cut and no regrets will be felt if an item is sold. 

Trust is a huge aspect of being a preloved seller and I ensure that  all my sellers feel comfortable and ready to part with their beloved items, and NEVER force a reluctant seller to say goodbye to an item they are still very much attached to, no matter how 'strong' they feel they are being selling it.

As well as the emotional letting go of an item I have also had the more practical reasons for a change in mind.  Some sellers leave their items quite confidently only for me to receive an email or call a few days later in the hope an item hasn't sold as they need it back for a particular event, outfit or realise there is actually a need in their wardrobe for it. 

I always let my sellers know that not selling an item is just as much if an option as selling it.  Another reason some sellers have a rethink is they actually see the items for sale on my mannequins or the photos I upload to social media and instantly fall in love with the item again.  In these cases they are not so urgent and quite often it is only after and item has sold that they tell me they were thinking of getting the item back because of how nice it looked in the pictures or in the windows and made them see the items in a new light with a new lease of life.

So I ask again......How do you know when you are ready to re sell your pre owned designer items? The simple answer is when you are ready, then you can find a trustworthy and compassionate dress agency to broker your items to new homes.  If you are ready to part with your desirable Designer items contact us to sell with us here at My Ex Wardrobe.

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