Shop Independent And Buy Second Hand Eco Friendly Fashion

Supporting local independent retailers in your local community is a fantastic way to get on board with sustainable shopping as a lot of the items including clothing and other fashion items are a lot more ecologically made or traded. A recent article in the Huffingham Post described how people are moving more and more towards shopping local and putting back into smaller one off retailers. Personal Private Shopping Event In Our Dress Agency  The article stated how rather than just a quick purchase or even a mass purchase consumers are now more interested in the experience as a whole not just the buying part.  My Ex wardrobe is a prime example of how people come not just to shop but for a memorable experience.   I had a wonderful mum and daughter duo who came in a few weeks ago for prom dress shopping and to be honest were absolutely dreading it.  However after they had a fun hour or two looking through my luxury second hand gowns and having a good trying on session they were able to leave happy with a purchase of a stunning gown.  It was only the week later that the mother came in to thank me for a wonderful experience as both her and her daughter had thoroughly enjoyed the time in the shop and particularly the personal shopping element that you receive especially from the more one off unique boutiques and independent retailers.  The mother mentioned how her daughter felt amazingly comfortable with me even when I was re adjusting the gowns on her, when in the bigger shops she was very self conscious. A Very happy customer leaving wearing her purchase from our dress agency  This personal shopping experience is a prime example of how people would rather invest in a special moment or memory and experience than a quick shopping fix which have been popular in the past.  Smaller independent retailers have that very personal touch and are able to build a special relationship with their regular clients.  I myself am able to remember previous purchases from all my customers and recognise their particular style very quickly, and because I know my stock very well I can suggest further items to add to their wardrobe leaving the customer in good conscience about their purchases knowing they are not only eco friendly but they are also supporting a one off local small business with the perfect second hand item to slot into their wardrobe.

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