Simple Spring Styles 2021

Spring is nearly here, you can feel it, you can smell it and on lucky days you can even see the sun. So here we bring you some beautiful pre loved Spring items to add to your wardrobe perfect for when we are free of lockdown.
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To add a bit of sparkle to our lives silver is the metallic of the season. We have some amazing silver items available in store and on our website all second hand, so take a look at our style ideas for this Spring. 

These stylish silver court shoes by Hogl are completely brand new and have a nice low heel to wear all day when we finally get back to work. You can match these with our stunning large bucket tote shopper by luxury French brand Frederic T and shimmer your way out through the day.

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A classic item for your Spring wardrobe is a neutral trench or mac.  These are perfect for the cooler days of Spring but are nice and light when the sun is out.  We have some fantastic macs in a classic style both pre loved.
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One is a vintage Burberry mac which are always a wardrobe must. These are very sought after in the more vintage styles. We also have a more modern and stylish Moschino mac with black trim that is perfect for this season.
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Getting back to work means making sure your work bag is ready to go. The best option to start travelling on that work commute is an across the body style. We have a few options to make you office ready. Starting with our really cute Rebecca Minkoff classic black bag. This can be used as a handheld or with the across body strap when on the move and you need your hands free. This bag is second hand but still has the tags attached so in excellent condition.  We are of course selling this bag for a much more affordable price than the original price tag.....the perks of sustainable selling.
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Another office ready across the body bag we have in stock is one of my absolute favourites at the moment.  Our metallic gold Coach bag is an absolutely stunning bag and is perfect to throw on with all your day or work essentials while looking chic and keeping your hands free.
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Spring footwear is nearly ready so prepare those toes for some sexy spring sandals.  Even if you are wearing a trouser suit a simple sandal will make you feel that spring summer is on the way.  We have some really cute sandals perfect for being office ready.  Our first pair are a classic black low heel sandal by luxury brand Tods. 
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Our second pair of spring sandals are slightly lighter in colour to inspire that summer feeling even more. These are by luxury brand Fratelli Rosetti in a beautiful fresh mint green.  These have a low heel as well but slightly higher than our Tods sandals but still perfect for some time spent on your feet.
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An absolute must for your Spring wardrobe is The denim jacket! a little denim jacket is perfect for the in between weather when going for a more casual look. You can throw them over more summary dresses to cover your shoulders or to style with jeans for the double denim look. We have some amazing denim in store but my favourite is our Dolce & Gabbana jacket which is perfect for this season.
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Another stylish option for a spring weight jacket is of course the classic leather jacket. We have so many stylish leather jackets available and one of my favourites is our Olly & Co super soft leather jacket. These are perfect to throw over any outfit similar to the denim jacket. You can add some DM's or a pair of stylish trainers.
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Our final item and another stylish jacket option for this season is the casual bomber. These work in a similar way to the denim jacket but if you want something other than denim it is a fantastic piece to add to your wardrobe.  We have a really cute and simple black lightweight D&G bomber.
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Whether you choose just one or all of the items styles you can be confident that you will breeze beautifully into the Spring.  Try and find the items second hand, especially the more designer pieces as you will save yourself a fortune but end up with a fantastic investment piece that you can wear year on year. All our items are available in our shop as well as on our website so if you have spotted any you love while reading this blog feel free to  take a look from any of the links or visit our website at

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