Steal Villanelle’s Style - How To Look Chic In Second Hand

Really excited to publish our first guest blogger who has written for us, as she is obsessed with the characters style on the popular tv show Killing Eve and wants to afford to add some of the style to her wardrobe. The first edition is based on the slightly psychotic fashion of the lovable and crazy Villanelle and how to re create these looks by purchasing much more affordable versions second hand.


The Villanelle edition
(there might be spoilers)

Buy Villanelle’s style second hand

We’re all engrossed in Killing Eve and Eve’s and Villanelle’s game and all the twisted world of spies and assassins and The Twelve. I was a bit sceptical but then after 10 minutes I was totally glued to the screen and I couldn’t stop watching Season 1.  Now I have finished Season 2 and I can’t wait for season 3. If there will be a Season 3 at all. There has to be. For multiple reasons. 1. I need to know whether ************ (I said no spoilers!), 2. More importantly which is our main interest in this post is Villanelle’s super cool and chic wardrobe!

That woman has style. Total psycho but her wardrobe is to die for. She could even wear those pjs and make them look cool. Don’t bother, they’re specially made, not available for sale anywhere although you might be able to find some companies who’d make those bespoke onesies. (Let me know, I will sign up for one…) Not to mention the iconic pink ballerinaprincessfairy gown matched with amazing Doc Martins for her mental evaluation or the red jumpsuit in Rome.
Molly Goddard pink tulle villanelle gown

We have some items available in the shop or online if you want to embrace your inner Villanelle. No, I don’t mean the psycho killing machine, please don’t do that, but the super cool fashionista as you parade across the world, Europe or just Exeter.

So let’s see what we have to offer:
Firstly, although it is more challenging to create the stunning Molly Goddard pink gown we are able to pounce on some footwear.  The gown is bought back down to earth with some funky black DM’s and we have an amazing long leg red version brand new soon to be available online in a 9.5 only £110. 

Buy our pre owned Doc Martins now
We have two awesome floral bomber jackets in the iconic Villanelle style.  Just imagine walking along in Paris on a breezy night (or Gandy street in Exeter) as the cool breeze catches your hair and you decadently just walk along like you have no care for the world. Buy Villanelle’s style second hand now We have one high street option which is a stunning navy bomber jacket by Ted Baker with bright embroidered birds and flowers on and a funky floral thin bomber jacket by Hallhuber.  These are available in our shop but not online yet so drop us a message if you are interested in owning one of these and channeling your inner Villanelle.
Buy our pre loved HallhuberBuy our second hand Ted Baker bomber jacket
Style it with a plain top or shirt with these slim leg grey Moschino Jeans 👖.  Our Moschino jeans come in a size 12 in excellent condition despite being second hand and you can purchase them HERE. The great news is that they have been reduced from £85 down to £50........another must for my Villanelle inspired wardrobe.
Pre loved designer Moschino jeans available now    Pre owned designer Lacoste trainers available now
Add some heels for dinner or with your favourite pair of  trainers like these Lacoste navy Lancelle’s, for a leisurely day of shopping or sightseeing.  Our Lacoste trainers are size 5 and barley worn with the cost even better as priced at only £45 fully boxed and you can buy them a perfect second hand purchase towards recreating Villanelle’s designer wardrobe.

Keep your eyes peeled because the Eve edition is coming soon too for a more laid back days when you’re not willing to rule the world.

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