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We regularly get asked which items and brands sell the best here with us or are the most in demand. We get such a huge amount of stock come In all equally as beautiful, however there are one or two special pieces or brands that are more sought after.  Down here in the South West the items that are most popular differ in comparison to items for example in London or the larger cities. So here we have the lowdown for what to sell with us now, some might surprise you. Have a read and let us know if you have any of these you wish to sell as we are always open to accept the more sought after quick sales items

The first major brand that sells almost instantly is any Louis Vuitton handbag 👜.  The Neverfull style is the most popular however any Louis Vuitton bag will always sell quickly and for a good price. For example earlier this year we had a vintage Louis Vuitton Pochette from 2001 that sold within 24 hours of being uploaded to the website, so as you can see a very popular item to sell if you are ready to part with any of your Louis Vuitton handbags. If you have any Louis Vuitton handbags you Wish us to sell for you, you can contact us Here.

Sell your preloved luxury Louis Vuitton items now.Our preloved Louis Vuitton handbags sell quickly and are very sought after so if you wish to sell yours contact us Here

The second items we get asked for a lot and that sell really quickly are Mulberry handbags particularly the newer styles like the Mulberry Lily or the Popular Bayswater style. As soon as my most recent Mulberry Lily bag in Oak entered the shop and went online there was a frenzy of activity with people wanting to buy, and of course it was more than half the price cheaper than buying a brand new Mulberry Lily. If you have any Mulberry handbags that you wish to sell you can contact us Here.

Sell your preloved Mulberry bags with us now

If you have Mulberry handbags you want to sell you can contact is now Here as we would love to sell them for you.

Another brand that sells very well and that may suprise you are items from the vintage or older style Ghost.  I get asked all the time for the vintage style dresses from Ghost that are most often in viscose or rayon so if you have any older Ghost items hidden away now is a great time to sell them with us as they are very sought after.

Buy and sell your vintage Ghost items now

 Do you have some of the older style Ghost items you want to sell. If you do contact us Here and we will help you find a home for them.

The final item that I am always asked for are Burberry macs.  The ones that are most popular are the older oversized classic trench that’s are not only timeless but super stylish.  I had one lady come and buy all four I had in stock from me in one go as she preferred the older style.  If you are ready to part with one of these from your wardrobe or maybe you have a couple we can help you find new homes for them. You can contact us Here to sell your classic Burberry macs now. 

Sell your vintage Burberry Mac with us now Sell your preloved vintage Burberry trench coats now.

We have so many stylish and popular brands online and in the shop so even though these are by far the most popular and quickest to sell, all of the stunning items sell really well as they are always much more affordable than buying new. If you have any questions about selling with us you can contact us and we will help you make some money with your much loved items.

Jenna x

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  • I have a number of Aquascutum items which include a ladies coat and some men’s shirts for sale. Please advise the next stage.Kind regards,
    Helena Mc Veigh

    Helena Mc Veigh

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