We support sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

The fashion industry is finally getting serious about sustainable fashion, with some of the biggest names in fashion championing the cause. Here at My Ex Wardrobe, we support eco-friendly fashion by making it easier to sell second hand designer shoes and fashion items, so they can enjoy a whole new lease of life. There’s nothing more satisfying than wrapping a pair of gorgeous preloved shoes and sending them off to a new home, and their previous owners make some extra money from their good deed too.

We buy and sell designer clothes

We’re passionate about the value of investing in quality fashion items – not just to you guys, but to the environment too. We buy and sell designer clothes, shoes and accessories, giving new homes to those preloved items you just don’t wear anymore, and making it easier for fashion lovers to choose quality, preloved pieces rather than new. Whether you’re wondering where to sell the clothes you’ve cleared out to make space for a new season, or you love to look great for less, we’re all about designer fashion.

Pick the perfect preloved shoes

Between our beautiful boutique in Devon’s Exeter and our thriving online store, you’ll find everything from preloved shoes, to second hand prom dresses and Jaeger dresses…so half the fun’s in choosing your perfect finds! Our in-house expert, Jenna, checks every piece we accept carefully to ensure that it’s in great condition, so whether you’re after those high-end dresses or the perfect preloved shoes, you can expect quality.

With the colder weather setting in, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the clothes you don’t think you’ll be wearing next year – and remember they can make you extra cash for new additions to your wardrobe! Simply send photos of each piece you’d like to sell, and Jenna will be able to pick out the items she thinks will be popular. She’ll be able to help with everything from how to get your items to us, to when the best time to sell them will be. Just make sure you include the brand and size details with every photo you send.

preloved shoes

Sustainable fashion starts with us

Sustainable fashion starts with us, and investing in quality, preloved shoes and clothing is a great place to start if you’re not sure how you can do your bit. And if you’re ready to part with some of your old favourites, selling them as second hand is a savvy way to support sustainable fashion and make money.

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