Sell with My Ex Wardrobe

We are a luxury dress agency situated in the centre of Exeter, Devon

Our business was established back in January 2014 and we always welcome new sellers to re-home their preloved items.

If you have any designer items you are ready to part with, or you just need to make some space in that wardrobe, we will find them a new forever home, while making you some money.

Do you want to sell with us...... follow these steps and we'll make you some money selling your high end designer and high street brands, selling second hand designer clothes couldn't be made more easier if we tried!

  • Step One - Decide what you would like to sell. Do you want to sell designer clothes?, sell designer handbags?, sell designer shoes? Please contact us with your a list of your second hand designer items you have for sale. Or, if you wish, you can send an email to We will then have a look through and confirm which items will be great in the shop and online. Please include brand and size in the list.
  • Step Two - Arrange an appointment Once I have your list I will check my stock levels and book you in for an appointment to bring in or send your items to the shop. We get full very quickly so often there can be a 6 month wait time depending on the items you are wanting to sell. We also sell seasonally so please bare that in mind.
  • Step Three - Bring in your fabulous designer items Once we've booked you in for your selling appointment we'll both sign a contract stating that the arrangement is a 60/40 percentage split of the final sale value of your designer item(s)s. I'll then store an itemised list of your clothes, shoes, bags etc and then email you the confirmation list with suggested prices if required.
  • Step Four - An item's sold - yah!! As soon as we sell an item, I'll contact you to arrange your payment. We can pay directly online to your bank account, via PayPal or, if you so wish, you can come in and collect your cash. Both party’s then need to sign to show that payment's been received and we mark the item(s) as sold on our system.
  • Step Five - Collecting unsold items Sadly not all items are successfully sold so we would look to contact you towards then end of the season to arrange collection of your item(s) or return postage. Many people who want to sell designer items online don't actually want their items returned. In this case, we offer to donate them to charity which we're happy to arrange on your behalf. We'll also ensure we gift aid the item(s) too. Some items may still have potential for sale so we're happy to store them for the next season depending on the amount of interest they have recevied. We can also offer a sale option for selling items that have been in the shop for a while which we weill discuss with you before any price reduction into the sale.

Selling second hand designer clothes, shoes and bags - rule 101

  • Many people like to negotiate so all prices are with this in mind. If you have a certain amount you wish to receive back for an item please discuss this at the time of your selling appointment and a note will be made on the system. I will then contact you with any lower offers before accepting or declining them.
  • Please ensure all items are washed or dry cleaned before bringing them to the shop and alert us to any defects so we can let customers know.
  • If we think the price you are hoping for is in reachable for us we will let you know and give you the option of continuing to sell that item or trying elsewhere.
  • Items are insured for theft or stock damage for example fire or flooding.

All those points above but summarised

  • We accept designer and high end high street items.
  • We split the final sale amount 60/40.
  • We advertise via multi-channels online such as Google, Facebook & Instagram as well as within our high street shop.
  • Once sold, we arrange payment, cash, PayPal, online payment or BACS direct into a chosen bank account.
  • We provide an itemised list with each item having a unique code and price with knowledge of the market.